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We all could do with an occasional shot in the arm. Let us face it, life is not always filled with sunshine and rainbows, and a happy stroll in the park. Be it in the personal or professional realm, the graph of life is bound to show an up and down pattern. Some days we feel on top of the world, fil

I explored the importance of being mindful of where we direct our mental energy, during these very challenging times. Given that we have somewhere around 50 thousand thoughts a day, being mindful of how we direct our mental energy is an important choice. After all, the only person in charge of how y

When You Can’t Go Out, Go Within! Posted by Meg Soper, 27-04-2020     Quarantine Day 22: This morning I saw the neighbor talking to her cat.  It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog…We laughed a lot!

Rewire Your Brain and Inspire Yourself and Others in 2019! I would like to share some exciting and powerful ideas on how to train our brains to be more positive and productive, with the hope of making 2019 your best year ever! There have been some discoveries in neuroscience of l


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